Microsoft Outlook Setup

  1. Open Outlook or Outlook Express

  2. Click on the Tool menu and select Accounts:

  3. click on the Mail tab, click the add button and select Mail:

  4. Type your name in the area provided,  ie: Joe Smith, then click Next:

  5. Make sure the option is checked to "I already have an e-mail address..."
    in the area provided type in your e-mail address then click next:

    If you have an address you screen should look something like this:

    If your e-mail address is @your then it should look like this:

  6. Enter in the account name, you can enter the password if you wish or you can take the check out of the "Remember you password" so that you have to put in the password every time you get mail, then click next:

    If you are using an account you need to put in anything that is before the "@" sign.  ie: "joe"  instead of "":

    If your e-mail is "@your" then you need to put your full e-mail address in for the account name:

  7. Click the finish button and you are ready to send and receive e-mail