Dial-up Access Setup

1)      Double click My Computer.

2)      Double click Dial up Network. (sometimes you get a gray screen cancel till you see new connection)

3)      Double click Make New Connection.

4)      Type in LifeGrid Internet – then next at bottom of screen.

5)   Type in the Phone number "616-0033"  then click next:

6)      Finish

7)      Right click on the new LifeGrid icon in the dialup networking folder.
 Then click "Properties":

8)      Click on the "Server Types"
 Take the check out of " Log on to network", " NetBEUI" and "IPX/SPX Compatible"
 boxes, then click "TCP/IP settings"

12)  Click "Specify name server addresses,"  double click the first zero (Primary DNS)
and type "", the hit the "TAB" button on the keyboard
and type the following ""

13)  Click both OK’s

14)  Right click on the LifeGrid icon, select "Create shortcut",
a screen will pop up that states you cannot create a shorcut
in the "Dialup Networking" folder, you click "YES" and it will create it on
the desktop.